Welcome to The Doodleverse

You Want Weird Right!?

Technically, The Doodleverse is a collection of illustrated NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain. You can view the collection on Joepegs. But it’s obviously so much more than this technical defintion. So what is it? The Doodleverse is a dream-like universe comprised of multiple dimensions. And anything is possible. Singing trees. Birds with worms for tongues. Giant jellyfish. Talking rainbows. That kind of thing. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s dark. And most of the time it’s weird.

The collection is currently sold out, with pieces available on secondary marketplaces.

How Do I Bid or Buy a Doodleverse Piece on Avalanche?

  1. Get some AVAX on Coinbase (or another crypto marketplace). AVAX is the currency the Avalanche blockchain uses.
  2. Send it to your AVAX-compatible wallet. Metamask, on the Avalanche network will do. This blog post shows you the steps you need to take to get AVAX working on MetaMask.
  3. Log in to Joepegs or another Avalanche NFT marketplace selling Doodleverse pieces using your wallet.
  4. Check out the collection.
  5. Bid, buy, and make offers as you wish.




Feeding Time

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