Seven Gateways to The Realm of Dreams

LIMINA introduction

After The Dreamheadz found their way into The Realm of Dreams, everyone wanted access. The Order built seven gates leading to the epicentre of the Doodleverse. They called it Project LIMINA. But, upon their completion, the gates buckled and broke. Cosmic waves rippled through the realms. The Doodleverse began to unravel. The Shadow reemerged. Creatures fled their homes. Glitches appeared. It was chaos. But, a single gate remains open.

With LIMINA, I collaborated with other “realms” of myself. I used different styles, skillsets, and methods within single pieces. Some methods include collage, doodling, abstract art, and generative art (code art). The collection touches on the topics of chaos, ADHD, and artistic influence.

Each of the seven pieces is a 1/1 ERC-721. Initial holders receive a framed and signed archival print. The frame contains an NFC chip. The chip, when scanned, provides further information and provenance. These pieces are the biggest pieces I’ve created. They’re 5X bigger than my pieces in my Doodleverse collection, and 3X bigger than pieces in my For Love collection.

Mint details

  • Mint price: 120 AVAX (includes shipping of framed archival print)

Collection details

  • Artist: TapTapKaboom.
  • Collection: LIMINA.
  • Dimensions: 3580 × 6365 px. 303 × 538 mm at 300dpi. 12 × 21” at 300dpi. 9:16 ratio. 500 × 745 mm framed. 19.7 × 29.3 “ framed. Perfect for portrait screens & monitors, mobile wallpapers, and portrait prints (I’m supplying)
  • Mediums: Photography, Printer, Scanner, Procreate, Photoshop, Adobe Fresco.
  • Supply: Seven 1-of-1 pieces
  • Blockchain: Avalanche. Chain ID 43114.

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