TapTapKaboom School

Solo classes and new learning experiences

If you don’t like subscription fees, and prefer to purchase classes that are forever yours, all my classes, since the beginning of 2019, are now available on TapTapKaboom School

I believe there are ways to learn and teach that Skillshare currently doesn’t offer. Think audio, text, questions, prompts, weekly lessons, and a few other ways. I really want to help people develop their creative super-powers, and I believe that new and different ways of teaching will help.

I still love Skillshare—they’re amazing. And I’ll keep on creating classes that work well for Skillshare—it’s great for video-based content and projects! But TapTapKaboom School is something different, something new, something experimental. It’s something I hope will help you in different ways than my Skillshare classes do.

Check out TapTapKaboom School.

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