The Story of TapTapKaboom

An Origin Story

TapTapKaboom started when I (Rich Armstrong) created a short class on how to create a website from scratch. I did it because everyone who stood behind me, while I coded, marvelled at my ability and thought I was a genius. I am a genius 🙂 but I knew that learning to code was easy. If you understood the basics. Since then I've created a bunch of classes and taught thousands of students a bunch of skills, tools, and techniques.

I believe that we're born to create. And I've made it my mission 🚀 to help you make awesome stuff. I love demystifying the magic of creating – in fun and approachable ways.

This is me and kinda what the world inside my head looks like.

About Rich

This is where I blow my own trumpet a bit 🎺 My title is Product Designer but I'm more of a jack-of-all-trades / generalist / unicorn 💪 I design, animate and code. I've got a BA degree in multimedia design, a BTech Honours degree in Graphic Design, and I taught myself how to code. I've freelanced, worked for agencies and startups, and now run my own studio with my wife in Amsterdam. I create compulsively, have super ginger-powers and can touch my nose with his tongue! Trumpet blowing over 😅

If you'd like to get in touch, tap here.

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